Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's time for football to begin at long last!

Many apologies to the few fans that have been reading this blog.  I didn't realize how much work it was so I will make some changes to what should be expected out of this blog.

What got me to today's blog is an article out of Salt Lake City about Jordan Wynn and the upcoming season.  I remember CU recruiting Wynn to play under Dan Hawkins and didn't blame him when he switched to Utah because CU had Cody Hawkins.  I would have made the same move that Wynn made.  But that recent article by Lya Woodraska (is she a Nebraskan writing to fire up the natives?) seems to protray to me that the non-stop questions about his attitude and thrice-repaired shoulders are starting to get to him.  According to Ute fans on Pac12Board, it appears that there is an injury bug going around the team.  With high expectations such as battling USC for the South crown, I wonder if the Utes could fall flat in their second year?  I expect the Utes to be improved this season since like CU, they won't be playing what could be explained as a 12 non-conference schedule last season.  The same Ute fans have warned me about Woodraska being the type of writer to stir up the Ute fanbase.

Did anyone forget that Utah's home opener will be on the Pac-12 Network?  Just checking and the Pac-12 app for the iPad is out now.  Hopefully that means I can play videos from the Pac-12's website.  Now what is left for me is for Comcast to get their online streaming stuff in order and then I can watch the Pac-12 Network on my iPad...pretty groovy eh?

Coach Graham said that he didn't take the ASU job thinking he couldn't win his first year in Tempe.  In the Fox Sports Arizona piece, one of the keys for the NAU-ASU game is to get Cameron Marshall the ball since the Lumberjacks gave up about 138 yards per game last season and in some previous previews, I did note that NAU lost some good DL players.  And playing mistake free football can't hurt either.  ASU hasn't had problems overlooking teams like NAU in the past and should win this game easily.

I'm on the Denker bandwagon for the Wildcats.  He was called the "White Vick" and now he's a nerd.  As long as he stays away from the underground and dogs, he should be fine.  Out of all the Mountain schools for the Pac-12, I would say Denker is the top backup QB at this point although his rival in Tempe, ASU's Eubank, might have something to say about that.

The CU backup QB should be cleared up pretty soon...maybe around the time of this writing.  Given that Coach Embree has closed off practice for the Buffs, I don't know if Hirschman or Wood will win that job.  I wouldn't be surprised if one of the two decides to transfer out after this season in pursuit of more playing time.  That's the nature of playing for an unique spot where rotating in and out players is frowned upon.  That makes me long for the days of option football back in the old Big 8 where you could put anyone at QB and they would execute the option pretty well.  To me, that WAS football.  But back to the topic, the depth at the QB position if both Hirschman & Wood sticks around, would be in the best shape since before the Dan Hawkins disaster rolled into town.

I will try my hand at predicting final scores.  I will include every 4C school even I'm not covering them like the Pac-12 schools.

Utah 38 Northern Colorado 10
Arizona 32 Toldeo 13
Arizona State 34 Northern Arizona 14
Colorado 27 Colorado State 0
Air Force 43 Idaho State 22
New Mexico 26 Southern 3
New Mexico State 28 Sacramento State 27
BYU 48 Washington State 45
Utah State 45 Southern Utah 7
Frenso State 49 Weber State 11

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