Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday News 08/24/2012

Rich Rod is still moving offensive players over to the defense. I would expect the Wildcats to be in a good number of shootouts this season...thank goodness for the Pac-12 Network (when I get it with Comcast's Xfinity service).

ASU has gone high tech with their playbooks. Teams are putting playbooks and stuff on iPads or other electronic means. I would be fearful of the nerds at rival schools since attempted hacking of playbooks could be on the rise.

BuffZone (part of the Boulder Daily Camera) published a second article out of a three article series on the challenges facing CU when it comes to fundraising for upgrades at Folsom Field.  It's no secret that after facility upgrades at the Coors Events Center, the CU men's basketball team has benefited in a big way.  Given the history of CU's football team, a facility upgrade at Folsom Field similar in nature to the recent Coors Events Center would be a game-changer for the football team.  The first article of the three article series talks about what the CU administration has been doing when it comes to potential upgrades at Folsom Field.

Is Utah trying to become the next Nebraska? This Salt Lake Tribune article talks about an Ute OL that is 6'6" and 415 pounds. The only difference would be that Utah wears wear helmets and has an "U" instead of a "N". What would the "U" stand for?

I decided to not do an UNC-Utah article since if I did one yesterday and one next week, I would have one extra article for Utah and my aim is to have coverage on teams on equal terms.  But I will do an one sentence preview: I hope that Utah continues to work on taking care of the football and shore up the kicking game which could have a huge impact on Utah's season.

It's unbelievable that kickoff is coming next week!  My Playstation 3 probably is happy about the break it is getting.

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