Monday, September 10, 2012


What a sad day in Colorado football last Saturday...both CU and CSU lost to FCS teams on the same day.  I did a blog on AllBuffs and it can be found at LINK  I will do blog posts on AllBuffs under the NashBuff screen name.

Due to the numbers of views and stuff like that, I will discontinue this blog on this website but I will keep blogging on AllBuffs.  Thank you for taking your time to read my blogs.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Thursday (Week 2)

Happy Thursday to y'all!  Thursdays are my Friday since I work 4 day 10 hour weeks.

From my last post, I worked on getting a better understanding of the Xfinity TV stuff for Comcast and to my disappointment, I didn't have the Digital TV starter package so I can't watch the Pac-12 Network on my laptop.  But I still can watch ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPNU on my iPad, iPhone, and laptop thanks to what I have subscribed to Comcast.  I will look into set top boxes that carry the WATCH ESPN app and get one so I can watch it on a bigger monitor.  At least I can say I am not fully locked out of the Pac-12 exprience since my apartment complex has a clubhouse that has at least ten large HDTVs and I can watch the Pac-12 Network Mountain feed.  I basically wished for online access and watch anything I want anytime...that was the main sell of the Pac-12 Network when it was first announced and I was excited for that until everyone knew that Larry Scott was an used car salesman who just got us a lot of money for our media deal.  I could have the Pac-12 Network for an extra $40 on my Comcast bill and that deal was only good for the first six months so I decided I was no longer interested in trying to get the Pac-12 Network.  What a rip off and I'm sure many Pac-12 fans feel the same way.  I'm moving on without the Pac-12 Network for the forseeable future unless they offer an independent subscription deal.  Maybe if we ALL raise a huge stink about that deal, something could be worked on.

Important note for Comcast High Speed Customers: WatchESPN is free for you fellas which means you get to watch ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPNU like me.  LINK  That is one heck of a deal and this is part of the reason why it has got to be frustrating to be a Pac-12 fan.  Larry Scott did stress the importance of exposure and that is where I feel that Scott has fallen short to a degree.

I want to express apologies to anyone that might have grown annoyed by my attitude towards the Pac-12 Network.  I'll just move on and wait for Comcast to work out a deal with the Pac-12 Network.  This will only mean extra money on top of the $3 billion dollar deal the Pac-12 has with ESPN and Fox.

Now time to move onto the HAPPY part of Happy Thursday...tonight there will be some football games!  YAY!!!

That means I need to get cracking on my predictions for this week's games but first, I want to review my prediction from the previous week:

Utah 38 Northern Colorado 10
Arizona 32 Toldeo 13
Arizona State 34 Northern Arizona 14
Colorado 27 Colorado State 0
Air Force 43 Idaho State 22
New Mexico 26 Southern 3
New Mexico State 28 Sacramento State 27
BYU 48 Washington State 45
Utah State 45 Southern Utah 7
Frenso State 49 Weber State 11

My lone blemish was my own beloved Buffaloes...GRRR!!!  My record to date is 9-1.  I will find other ways to measure my accuracy and will be honest with it.

Week 2 Predictions:

Utah 31 Utah State 22
Cal 42 Southern Utah 7
CU 35 Sacramento State 27
ASU 35 Illinois 31
Oklahoma State 45 Arizona 35
Michgian 27 Air Force 24
CSU 29 North Dakota State 27
Texas 44 New Mexico 24
UNLV 17 NAU 14
Ohio 42 NMSU 21
BYU 52 Weber State 14
Northern Colorado 21 Colorado Mesa 19

Have a safe and fun weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week 2 Mid-Week Report

Hello everyone!

If you are a Comcast customer, you should be able to view the Pac-12 Network on your laptop.  I do not know about the iPad at this point.  I will provide links that were found off a Comcast forum:

I haven't tried yet but will when I get home from work or church tonight.

It appears to me that Oklahoma State is preparing for Arizona as if Arizona was a big time program.  LINK

Coach Graham wants ASU's offense to move faster despite ASU getting 63 points last weekend.  LINK

Ditto for Coach Embree. LINK

Coach Whittingham wants a more explosive offense.  Reminds me of myself playing football on the PS3 and grumbling within myself about my offense not being explosive enough.  That is after throwing for a few touchdowns down the field...I guess I'm just too greedy and with the real life coaches, I'm not alone.  LINK

So I guess the theme for this week is how much more OFFENSIVE could your team be?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Recapping Week 1

It was great to have some football to watch this weekend despite my disappointment with CU this week.  I will get to that later.

Utah's defense should be commended for shutting out Northern Colorado even if the Bears aren't any good at this point.  The Utes can run the football but there are concerns with Wynn's arm strength so there could be a QB controvestry over the course of the season since the Utes have two other QBs in Hays and Wilson.  The Utes play at Utah State this Friday on ESPN so I should catch the Utes this time and like the Utes, they have no idea how good they are after beating Big Sky Conference newcomer Southern Utah 34-3.  No doubt the Aggies of Logan will be pumped up to take down a PAC-12 school since conference mate San Jose State nearly took down Stanford.  I bet Coach Whittingham will be making sure his team is focused this week in practice.

ASU won bigger than I expected...perhaps Coach Graham is that good at getting his teams ready to play.  The Sun Devils did knock out NAU's starting QB and RB so that did help in the blowout win.  Sun Devils rushed for 305 yards and passed for 249 yards.  Pretty good win and now the season actually starts against Illinois who has a new coach so I'm thinking ASU wins that one too. I'll do a little research here amd there before I confirm my pick.

CU was ahead 14-3 just before the half and funny how one muffed punt return changes the game's outcome.  Coach Embree made a very questionable call where he went for it on 4th down instead of kicking a short FG.  This coaching blunder might end up biting Embree down the road when he is apologizing for his miscues at the press conference that announces his resignation or firing carried by the PAC-12 Network.  New Mexico State took care of Sacramento State in Las Crues and CU should win that one easily.  If not, things could get ugly in Boulder like it did under Dan Hawkins.M As a CU fan, I never looked forward to basketball this early.  #IsItNovemberYet

UA had to hold off mighty Toledo in overtime despite getting 624 yards on offense.  UA could have blown the Rockets out but the refs called back some long TD plays that would have blown the game wide open for the Wildcats.  Coach Rodriguez will have to clean up on three turnovers plus two missed FGs.  It must happen this week as Oklahoma State visits Tucson after winning 84-0 against one of the historically worst FCS programs in Savannah State.  This game will be on the PAC-12 Network amd I hope to be able to watch this one.  OSU's DC is recovering in the hospital...good thing that the hospital might not have the P12 Network since it would be a horror show for DCs.

As for the other 4C Schools, I was surprised that both New Mexico schools blew out opposing FCS schools.  Lobo fans are probably wearing their school's t-shirt around town instead of paper bags on their heads for a change.  I'm not wearing my CU gear for awhile at this point.  I'm wearing my Denver Broncos hat that I bought four years ago and an orange #15 with Tebow on the back.  I told my wife if she doesn't stop talking about him, I will buy a Peyton Manning jersey.

BYU looks like a good team this year after dismantling WSU in Provo.  Given that I can watch their games on BYUtv amd ESPN, I will be able to report on this team frequently.  This is why it's so important that distributors provide fans with access to their teams (are you listening Comcast?).  I liked how BYU used a second QB as a change of pace QB.  Could Jimmer mania be back in town in some form sooner than later?

Air Force took care of Idaho State 49-21.  The birdies took care of business but I'm concerned about that 5/12 3rd down conversation statistic.  The Bengals also had three less first downs than the Falcons.  Those numbers will not cut it in FBS ball but this is the first weekend so it's best to reserve judgment until after the second game since it is said that teams make the most improvement between the first and second games of the season.  We shall see about that.

Frenso State handled Weber State (will cover FCS schools in this blog).  This is also of interest to this CU fan as the Buffs visit Frenso in their final OOC game before opening P12 play at WSU.

And this is begrudging to this CU fan: how about them Rams?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's time for football to begin at long last!

Many apologies to the few fans that have been reading this blog.  I didn't realize how much work it was so I will make some changes to what should be expected out of this blog.

What got me to today's blog is an article out of Salt Lake City about Jordan Wynn and the upcoming season.  I remember CU recruiting Wynn to play under Dan Hawkins and didn't blame him when he switched to Utah because CU had Cody Hawkins.  I would have made the same move that Wynn made.  But that recent article by Lya Woodraska (is she a Nebraskan writing to fire up the natives?) seems to protray to me that the non-stop questions about his attitude and thrice-repaired shoulders are starting to get to him.  According to Ute fans on Pac12Board, it appears that there is an injury bug going around the team.  With high expectations such as battling USC for the South crown, I wonder if the Utes could fall flat in their second year?  I expect the Utes to be improved this season since like CU, they won't be playing what could be explained as a 12 non-conference schedule last season.  The same Ute fans have warned me about Woodraska being the type of writer to stir up the Ute fanbase.

Did anyone forget that Utah's home opener will be on the Pac-12 Network?  Just checking and the Pac-12 app for the iPad is out now.  Hopefully that means I can play videos from the Pac-12's website.  Now what is left for me is for Comcast to get their online streaming stuff in order and then I can watch the Pac-12 Network on my iPad...pretty groovy eh?

Coach Graham said that he didn't take the ASU job thinking he couldn't win his first year in Tempe.  In the Fox Sports Arizona piece, one of the keys for the NAU-ASU game is to get Cameron Marshall the ball since the Lumberjacks gave up about 138 yards per game last season and in some previous previews, I did note that NAU lost some good DL players.  And playing mistake free football can't hurt either.  ASU hasn't had problems overlooking teams like NAU in the past and should win this game easily.

I'm on the Denker bandwagon for the Wildcats.  He was called the "White Vick" and now he's a nerd.  As long as he stays away from the underground and dogs, he should be fine.  Out of all the Mountain schools for the Pac-12, I would say Denker is the top backup QB at this point although his rival in Tempe, ASU's Eubank, might have something to say about that.

The CU backup QB should be cleared up pretty soon...maybe around the time of this writing.  Given that Coach Embree has closed off practice for the Buffs, I don't know if Hirschman or Wood will win that job.  I wouldn't be surprised if one of the two decides to transfer out after this season in pursuit of more playing time.  That's the nature of playing for an unique spot where rotating in and out players is frowned upon.  That makes me long for the days of option football back in the old Big 8 where you could put anyone at QB and they would execute the option pretty well.  To me, that WAS football.  But back to the topic, the depth at the QB position if both Hirschman & Wood sticks around, would be in the best shape since before the Dan Hawkins disaster rolled into town.

I will try my hand at predicting final scores.  I will include every 4C school even I'm not covering them like the Pac-12 schools.

Utah 38 Northern Colorado 10
Arizona 32 Toldeo 13
Arizona State 34 Northern Arizona 14
Colorado 27 Colorado State 0
Air Force 43 Idaho State 22
New Mexico 26 Southern 3
New Mexico State 28 Sacramento State 27
BYU 48 Washington State 45
Utah State 45 Southern Utah 7
Frenso State 49 Weber State 11

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday News 08/24/2012

Rich Rod is still moving offensive players over to the defense. I would expect the Wildcats to be in a good number of shootouts this season...thank goodness for the Pac-12 Network (when I get it with Comcast's Xfinity service).

ASU has gone high tech with their playbooks. Teams are putting playbooks and stuff on iPads or other electronic means. I would be fearful of the nerds at rival schools since attempted hacking of playbooks could be on the rise.

BuffZone (part of the Boulder Daily Camera) published a second article out of a three article series on the challenges facing CU when it comes to fundraising for upgrades at Folsom Field.  It's no secret that after facility upgrades at the Coors Events Center, the CU men's basketball team has benefited in a big way.  Given the history of CU's football team, a facility upgrade at Folsom Field similar in nature to the recent Coors Events Center would be a game-changer for the football team.  The first article of the three article series talks about what the CU administration has been doing when it comes to potential upgrades at Folsom Field.

Is Utah trying to become the next Nebraska? This Salt Lake Tribune article talks about an Ute OL that is 6'6" and 415 pounds. The only difference would be that Utah wears wear helmets and has an "U" instead of a "N". What would the "U" stand for?

I decided to not do an UNC-Utah article since if I did one yesterday and one next week, I would have one extra article for Utah and my aim is to have coverage on teams on equal terms.  But I will do an one sentence preview: I hope that Utah continues to work on taking care of the football and shore up the kicking game which could have a huge impact on Utah's season.

It's unbelievable that kickoff is coming next week!  My Playstation 3 probably is happy about the break it is getting.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We are almost a week away from the kick off of the 2012 season!  This also means I will continue to recap the recent scrimmages that pretty much every college football team had this recent weekend.

Coach Embree liked what he saw from CU's scrimmage last weekend but some fans from BuffBackers and other CU forums such as AllBuffs are saying that they will wait until September 1st to believe Embree.  I said the same thing and I blame it on the overly positive coach speak that former coach Dan Hawkins spouted out over the course of five years about how close the Buffs were to turning the corner or the need to "cinch" up some things.  No scrimmage stats were released and the race for the backup QB position didn't yield any answers and Wood & Hirschman will continue to battle it out for the backup spot.  Perhaps they understand that CU hasn't had a starting QB play the full season since 2007 which was Cody Hawkins' first season as the starting QB.  Hawkins would lose his starting job at times to Tyler Hansen who finally had the job to himself but got hurt and Hirschman made one start last season because of that.  Having some depth at QB is a welcome change from years past.  Anyone remember John Hessler taking over for Koy Detmer back in 1995 for the Buffs?

Meanwhile, in Ft. Collins, Coach McElwain held some players out of the first scrimmage (just like Embree in Boulder) and the backups stepped up.  This was a great opportunity for the Rams to see what the backups could do.  My concern for the Rams would be that Grayson threw two interceptions along with M.J. McPeek who also threw two interceptions.  Grayson threw interceptions in the games that he started when he was feeling the pressure and if he was feeling the pressure, that would be from a defensive line that lost an All-MWC player in Capi when he was booted from the team in the spring along with Orkapo and one other player.

Both coaches would understandbly be under quite some pressure but for different reasons.  McElwain is earning nearly twice as much as Embree and CSU could be counting on McElwain to field a sucessful team so CSU alumni and fans will be more willing to support a new on-campus football stadium for the Rams.  Losing to the Buffs wouldn't be the end of the world for McElwain but it would allow the Rams to continue to imrove as a football team for the remainder of the season.  Embree is currently the lowest paid Pac-12 coach at about $700k and the money that the Buffs will be making from the new media contracts and Pac-12 Network will enable CU to pay off any remaining balance they own to Gary Barnett and Dan Hawkins.  If the Buffs falter against the Rams, CU fans could quickly give up on the season and look forward to the men's basketball program which is coming off consecutive 20+ win seasons under Tad Boyle.  The buyout money with the Pac-12 money might make buying Embree out easier than expected.  I believe Embree has the most pressure in this case but he doesn't appear to be showing it at this point.

The rational fan would probably say CU wins this one because the Buffs are in year two of Embree's system despite its youth and the Rams are starting over with McElwain.  As someone who has watched the RMS for years, it has been difficult to get not only the regional media but the national media to determine a surefire winner in this case and I don't think it will be any different.  The RMS is one of those must see games regardless of how both teams have done over the years.