Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Thursday (Week 2)

Happy Thursday to y'all!  Thursdays are my Friday since I work 4 day 10 hour weeks.

From my last post, I worked on getting a better understanding of the Xfinity TV stuff for Comcast and to my disappointment, I didn't have the Digital TV starter package so I can't watch the Pac-12 Network on my laptop.  But I still can watch ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPNU on my iPad, iPhone, and laptop thanks to what I have subscribed to Comcast.  I will look into set top boxes that carry the WATCH ESPN app and get one so I can watch it on a bigger monitor.  At least I can say I am not fully locked out of the Pac-12 exprience since my apartment complex has a clubhouse that has at least ten large HDTVs and I can watch the Pac-12 Network Mountain feed.  I basically wished for online access and watch anything I want anytime...that was the main sell of the Pac-12 Network when it was first announced and I was excited for that until everyone knew that Larry Scott was an used car salesman who just got us a lot of money for our media deal.  I could have the Pac-12 Network for an extra $40 on my Comcast bill and that deal was only good for the first six months so I decided I was no longer interested in trying to get the Pac-12 Network.  What a rip off and I'm sure many Pac-12 fans feel the same way.  I'm moving on without the Pac-12 Network for the forseeable future unless they offer an independent subscription deal.  Maybe if we ALL raise a huge stink about that deal, something could be worked on.

Important note for Comcast High Speed Customers: WatchESPN is free for you fellas which means you get to watch ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPNU like me.  LINK  That is one heck of a deal and this is part of the reason why it has got to be frustrating to be a Pac-12 fan.  Larry Scott did stress the importance of exposure and that is where I feel that Scott has fallen short to a degree.

I want to express apologies to anyone that might have grown annoyed by my attitude towards the Pac-12 Network.  I'll just move on and wait for Comcast to work out a deal with the Pac-12 Network.  This will only mean extra money on top of the $3 billion dollar deal the Pac-12 has with ESPN and Fox.

Now time to move onto the HAPPY part of Happy Thursday...tonight there will be some football games!  YAY!!!

That means I need to get cracking on my predictions for this week's games but first, I want to review my prediction from the previous week:

Utah 38 Northern Colorado 10
Arizona 32 Toldeo 13
Arizona State 34 Northern Arizona 14
Colorado 27 Colorado State 0
Air Force 43 Idaho State 22
New Mexico 26 Southern 3
New Mexico State 28 Sacramento State 27
BYU 48 Washington State 45
Utah State 45 Southern Utah 7
Frenso State 49 Weber State 11

My lone blemish was my own beloved Buffaloes...GRRR!!!  My record to date is 9-1.  I will find other ways to measure my accuracy and will be honest with it.

Week 2 Predictions:

Utah 31 Utah State 22
Cal 42 Southern Utah 7
CU 35 Sacramento State 27
ASU 35 Illinois 31
Oklahoma State 45 Arizona 35
Michgian 27 Air Force 24
CSU 29 North Dakota State 27
Texas 44 New Mexico 24
UNLV 17 NAU 14
Ohio 42 NMSU 21
BYU 52 Weber State 14
Northern Colorado 21 Colorado Mesa 19

Have a safe and fun weekend!

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