Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week 2 Mid-Week Report

Hello everyone!

If you are a Comcast customer, you should be able to view the Pac-12 Network on your laptop.  I do not know about the iPad at this point.  I will provide links that were found off a Comcast forum:

I haven't tried yet but will when I get home from work or church tonight.

It appears to me that Oklahoma State is preparing for Arizona as if Arizona was a big time program.  LINK

Coach Graham wants ASU's offense to move faster despite ASU getting 63 points last weekend.  LINK

Ditto for Coach Embree. LINK

Coach Whittingham wants a more explosive offense.  Reminds me of myself playing football on the PS3 and grumbling within myself about my offense not being explosive enough.  That is after throwing for a few touchdowns down the field...I guess I'm just too greedy and with the real life coaches, I'm not alone.  LINK

So I guess the theme for this week is how much more OFFENSIVE could your team be?

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